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Assateague Island Wild Ponies

My first visit to Assateague Island National Seashore on the Eastern Maryland coast to see the Wild Assateague Ponies was a truly emotional and inspiring experience. The ponies have lived on this barrier island, wild and free of human interference since the 1700’s, over 300 years.

Their stature of short legs, was developed to navigate the sand dunes and salt marshes that make up Assateague Island.  Their bloated bellies are a result of foraging on salt grasses, poison ivy and other Island vegetation.

Many return visitsallowed me to study and capture the intimate moments and interactions of these beautiful wild creatures.

One particular family band consisting of a six week old filly, her stallion father, mother and two additional mares became the inspiration of  this body of work.

Following the foal’s growth into adulthood has been very rewarding. Watching her learn to forage with her mom, visit the beach to catch the Summer breezes and avoid the biting flys, preparing for the harsh winters, propelled me to capture these special moments on canvas.

Now, she has grown and is with a young stallion and preparing to have foals of her own.

The Circle of Life continues.

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